According to Alexa, Blogger/Blogspot is now the 32nd most popular site on the web. Alexa is not very accurate, of course. What happened in March? I dunno. (Update: Oh yeah, that's when they combined blogger+blogspot. Thanks for the reminder, Dirson.)

And WTF did Alexa do to their graphs? I hadn't been there for a while, and now they're completely screwed up in FireFox/Safari (scroll way right to see them).

Update: Someone suggested to me that spam blogs on Blogspot are a reason for the site's popularity. That occurred to me. There are some of those (which they're battling, btw). However, I can't imagine spam blogs, for the most part, driving traffic (especially Alexa traffic). The point of most spam blogs is to spam PageRank. Alexa is measuring people (who have their toolbar) going to the site.