Looking for recruiting web app

Harkening back to my Running your company on web apps post, I'm trying to find a good app for recruiting/applicant tracking. At a certain point, the recruiting/hiring process needs a bit more structure than your inbox. Jot has a recruiting app, but it's a litte lacking in its current state.

So, I'm doing some research, and there are a lot of apps out there, but I have no idea which is best. I'm looking at things like OpenHire, Taleo (which calls itself "on demand talent management"), MaxHire, RecruitTrack, HireDesk, etc.

I don't even know what all I need for features. Basically, a way to streamline looking at candidates, sharing them with co-workers, recording notes, status, etc.

If anyone's done this research or has something to recommend, please leave a comment. I'll report back with what I learn.

Update: What I've learned so far is that these companies do not make it easy to buy from them. Probably because they have an enterprise software mentality, even though most of them are web apps. And they sell to big companies, so they need to use lots of fancy words (or think they do). Out of the apps I mentioned:

OpenHire has a "Demo" link which just sends you to a form that says, "Please fill in the form below and member of our dedicated team will contact you shortly to assist you with your needs."

Taleo lists 10 different Taleo "solutions," and I have no idea if any of them are what I'm looking for.

RecruitTrack, like OpenHire, says I can "request" a demo by giving them all my contact information.

MaxHire is some sort of client-server app that requires Windows (other than that, which is a non-starter, looks interesting. And by interesting, I mean, it's the only one I saw that posted their pricing.)

And HireDesk tells me, "Once we have clearly defined your needs and have gained an in-depth understanding of your business and your hiring processes, we combine that insight with our expert knowledge of hiring best practices to select the right HireDesk configuration for you."

Um...I just want to find a little database/contact management app, just like a do with blogging apps and customer service apps and bug-tracking apps. Show me some features and screenshots. Let me play around a bit. It's not that I won't pay. I just don't want to talk to a salesperson or have my needs assessed or have to "request" a demo.

Update #3: Backpack has keeping track of such things as one of their examples. Hmmm...the example looks great.

Also, did some serious flirting with Quickbase. It's a nice platform. Ultimately, I decided the lack of email integration was a no-go for this application, though.

Lastly, it occurred to me that our customer support app, Kayako, may serve the need (as long as I'm not getting something built for the job), which I may just end up using, since I spend time in there anyway.