File list from email

At SXSW last year, at the Flash vs. Javascript shootout panel, there was a Flash email app (mockup) demoed that was pretty cool. I can't remember who did it, unfortunately, but it had a very cool feature that I always remember: It was a list that extracted the attachments you had recieved and presented them just as a list of files available to you.

It's a simple idea, but I've never seen it before. And at this very moment, I can't imagine a more productivity-boosting feature Gmail could add for my purposes. Imagine if you had a view that was just a file list of all the files you've recieved, which you could sort by their attributes (who sent it, when, filename, etc.). (Try doing a big legal project, transacted mostly over email, to fully appreciate this—or work in one of those companies that is run via PowerPoint.)

Okay, bag to digging for that file...