How to get a new Powerbook?

My fiance bought a Macbook Pro recently and was very frustrated trying to run Adobe Illustrator on it. Turns out, Illustrator is not due to be out in a native Intel-flavored Mac (whatever they call it) variety until next year and, is, meanwhile, not so smooth. Since illustrator is the main program she uses (other than Firefox), that's a bummer.

What's further a bummer is that Apple stopped selling Powerbooks, which run Illustrator better, as she would like to sell the Macbook and buy a Powerbook instead. In fact, I've tried to order a Powerbook twice now at other sites, and both orders have been cancelled by the purveyor because they didn't actually have any.

I'm sorta ignorant on the ins and outs of Macland, so can someone tell me: Is there a way to get a new Powerbook? And/or is there a way to make Illustrator run well on a Macbook (15")?

Update: Found a new one on eBay Express—and they're actually shipping it. Phew!