Twttr is Alive

Today Odeo released a new product/service/website we call "twitter" (but we spell, Twttr -- ya know, for efficiency).

It's a 20% project, if you will, that we—esp. Noah, Jack, and Florian—have been working on on the side for a couple months. It has nothing to do with audio or podcasting, but we think it's kinda neat.

Biz describes it better than I will, but the gist is it's a mobile/web social, lightweight/real-time/"present-tense" blogging tool, with the primary interface being through SMS.

If you don't happen to look at the world as just different incarnations of blogging, than think of it as a way to keep in touch with friends throughout the day. Get a little buzz in your pocket, find out your buddy is "working from home, back door's open, sunshine and breeze flowin' in..." or "Sitting in Montreal W scheming about IETF BOF."

We're still figuring it out, so go sign up and invite all your friends to help us do so.

P.S. - You're going to want to bump up to the unlimited txting plan.

P.P.S. - Those outside the U.S. may not be able to use the mobile part—we're working on that. (The joys of developing for a network without neutrality.)

Update: International users should be fine now.