Sedo site sucks (CORRECTED)

I know blogging about bad site usability is cliche (I just made that up -- is it cliche?), but this is maddening: I received an email after doing a transaction at Sedo telling me, "You need to log in to your account and click on the transfer domains link indicated in the Account Mananagement Control Panel."

I logged in and looked for said Account Management Control Panel or a transfer domains link for a good ten minutes before writing back and telling them I couldn't find it. (There was also no visible search or help on the site, and a Google search didn't help because the functionality is only behind a login.)

If you're sending me an email, why can't you send the damn URL I need to go to! (The reason, of course, is that the URL doesn't work unless you're logged in -- but you can make it work! Redirect after I log in for chrimeny sakes.)

Venting over. Carry on.

UPDATE: I missunderstood the email! The "Account Management Control Panel" they were referring to was on Dotster. No wonder I couldn't find it on I feel bad, now that this post is in the top-10 results for a sedo search. However, in a lot of other ways, the site does sucks, so I'm not being totally misleading. That said, I've used Sedo successfully many times.

Carry on.