San Francisco Office Space Getting Tighter

I was just looking over a report I got in the mail about the San Francisco commercial rental market, which says the overall vacancy rate dropped by half of one percent in the last quarter, to 12.4% and "We [Colliers] predict that the overall vacancy rate will dip below 10% by year-end."

That's quite a change from a year ago. Also, it looks like SOMA East dropped from 12.3% to 10.8% in the last quarter. South Park is getting full. Also:
"Although the overall market has recovered, this recovery has been highly segmented. Rents have accelerated, and supply has declined most significantly for the following types of space: high-end view space, creative 'brick and timber' buildings, as well as spaces either below 5,000 square feet or greater than 50,000."

The below-5,000 and creative spaces are, of course, your startups. Glad we don't have to move for a while.