Fun with Sprint

So, I got one of those new Treo Centro, because...well, for various reasons that are not important. I tried to activate it today and had a hilarious time with Sprint. It went kinda like this:

Call #1) Fifteen minutes into getting my phone activated and plan changed, I get disconnected. Wait for a call back (since he called me), which never comes.

Call #2) Ask if I can be connected to the person that helped me before. Am told that was in business department, which they connect me to. I get a different person (naturally) and explain them the situation. They tell me I need to call a completely different number and talk to corporate accounts.

Call #3)
I call corporate accounts. They tell me they see no record of my account. Me: "How can that be?" Them: "I have no idea." I gotta go.

Call #4) (Trying original number again.) Guy tells me that my phone is already activated. I explain that that may be because the process wasn't finished before. After five minutes of hemming and hawing, he tells me I need to talk to the business department. He transfers me and disconnects in the process.

Call #5) Call directly to corporate number I was given before. I give account information. He double-checks the number... I wait... beep, beep, beep (disconnected).

Call #6) Called a different number I found on the web site (888-788-4727 for future reference), got a completely competent, pleasant person who took care of my business (and revealed the first guy who was doing it didn't know what he was talking about).

So, apparently they have two fuck-you call centers and one get-stuff-done call center. I've usually gotten the get-stuff-done call center before (which is for business accounts only, which is why my phone is still under Pyra's name). Now I'll never make the mistake of calling somewhere else again.