Why I haven't answered more questions

A while back, I made a call for questions on this blog. I got a few dozen comments/questions. I answered two (in one post).

I haven't answered any more, either because: 1) I'm lazy. 2) I don't like it.

Yeah, I'm a little lazy when it comes to posting here. But turns out, I'm not that comfortable with the call-for-questions model—at least the way it worked out.

There weren't a lot of questions I felt like digging into. After pondering why, I think it's because most of the questions were about me and/or things I've done. I prefer to write about other stuff—things I know less about. That way, I can learn what I think, as I work it out in a post. Not that writing about yourself and reflecting on things you've done can't be insightful. But maybe I just find it boring or am uncomfortable doing that here. Many of the questions about Odeo or Blogger I've done lots of interviews about and let other people write them.