Podcasting...powered by venture capital

It's an interesting day in podcastingland—if you're interested in the business side, anyways.

First, the news came out that Kliener and Sequoia invested in Adam and Ron's Podshow. Congratulations, guys!

And in the no-really-I-was-going-to-post-this-today-anyway department, Odeo has a little news of our own. Yes, VCs (and angels), as well.

Fun stuff.

I'd like to write more about the experience of raising venture capital, which was not something I've done before. (I raised angel and small-corporate-venture money and been an angel investor and worked for a VC-funded company but never done the Sand Hill Road thing. It wasn't so bad—although, I suspect our experience was atypical.) Perhaps I'll podcast some ramblings on that. For now, I gotta go build a company.