Beach Blanket Babylon: Not Bad

Last night a bunch of bloggers went to long-running San Francisco institution, Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon, a musical extravaganza the likes of which I had no idea.

Apparently the show is looking to get more young locals to come out and see it, so they invited some bloggers and gave them not only free tickets, but also a chance to chat with the cast and producers afterward, as well as a tour of backstage—where they keep the hats! It was arranged by local bon vivant Kevin Smokler. Thanks for that, Kev.

Though it runs down on Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd., which is just a few blocks from my place, and I walk by regularly, that there were large hats involved was about all I knew of the all-singing, all-dancing production. What I didn't know was that, even though it's been running for 30-some odd years, they actually change it up all the time. It's chock-o-block with current pop-culture references, which last night included "The Devil Wears Prada" and Star Jones quitting something (not quite sure what that is), the latest two additions, according to the producer.

The singing and dancing includes a wide variety of characters: Everyone from Snow White, around which the story evolves, to Elvis Presley (pictured with yours truly; credit: Kristin), Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, King Louie, and a group of men dressed as poodles, just to name a few—all of whom may occupy the stage at the same time.

Anyway, it may not be the most high-brow way to spend an evening at the theater—but then, who wants that? It was quite a hoot.

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