First bloggers covered in Time magazine, 1985 Here Come the Networkers -- Nov. 25, 1985
"Greenly was not reporting for any newspaper or wire service. For the past two years the former vice president of Avon Products, who always dreamed of being a news correspondent, has been acting out his journalistic fantasies by covering events, writing stories and transmitting them by modem to the mainframe computer of the Source, an electronic information service. That enables any of the Source's 60,000 subscribers to call up Greenly's stories on the screens of their computers and, if they wish, to respond with comments of their own."

(Thanks to CW for pointing out this awesome archive.)

They make it quite confusing by putting "Posted Monday, Apr. 18, 2005" at the top of the article. I guess that's when it was put online, but scroll to the bottom to see what issue of the magazine this article was from. It's quite a fun read in today's context.