Since I been gone

I've been gone the last couple weeks getting some dental work done in Marrakech.

Actually, you may have noticed from my Twitter updates that I've been doing various things in places such as Morroco, Greece, and the Netherlands.

It was all vacation, no work. Though, I did have a Blackberry that worked everywhere, which, while it may be perceived as the opposite, was actually a big stress-reliever. There were a couple loose ends I was able to tie up, and I only did email that I would otherwise be worrying about. (I didn't have email streaming into it, I just used it to check Gmail on the web.) Of course, having access to Google and Wikipedia while travelling is useful, as well. It's amazing this modern technology.

I went with my lovely fiancee, of course, and we had a wonderful time. I'm not a very seasoned traveler—or vacationer, for that matter—but I'm getting better at relaxing, as well as appreciating foreign lands, instead of just being stressed out by them. And, as you know, it's always good to get some perspective. Now I'm back, feeling refreshed, and ready to make some changes.

You probably missed my regular company-pimping posts. Lest you think there's been nothing to write about, note the Twitter permalinks (example above) and RSS feeds, the Twitter API, and other stuff on the Twitter and Odeo blogs worth mentioning.