The false choice of Ajax VS. Permalinks

In John Gruber's Stikkit review, he says, "My single biggest complaint about Stikkit is its reliance upon Ajax for so many of its features." Which is a problem because, "The result is that you can click through these features and the location field URL in your browser won?t change. You can have an entire session of reading existing notes and creating new ones, and the page?s URL will never change...."

I have to admit that that's one of my nit's with Stikkit so far, as well. However, this isn't a necessary compromise due to using Ajax.

For example, check out this completely Ajax interface. Click around and see what happens.

In fact, you can even make the back button work, which I didn't get around to doing there. Read this excellent tutorial to see how.

I'm sure Rael and the gang will get around to implementing this, and John's single biggest complaint will go away.