Zenter -> Goog

Congrats to Wayne and Robby.

I met these guys at a Y Combinator dinner and was really impressed with their skills. They had an early version of their web-based presentation software that did wicked-cool stuff, as well as some other tech that was mind-blowing.

They were debating their name at the time and asked me what I thought. I don't remember what the candidates were, but I had purchased zenter.com a while back when I saw it up for sale, because I thought it would make a good name for a web-based presentation thing. (Something I'd toyed with doing since early Pyra days when Jerry registered pyrapoint.com.)

Since I knew we weren't likely to get around to that project, I offered it to them. They liked it, and we ended up doing a deal for stock. And now Google's made that stock pay off before they even got around to launching. Good deal for me. Better deal for them. And probably the best deal for Google. Hopefully their stuff sees the light of day soon (though I doubt the name will).