Ask me a question

I was on a panel today with Marc Andreessen, one of my entrepreneurial heroes, whom I'd never had the pleasure to meet in person (even though he's an investor in Twitter and we'd talked on the phone and the electronic mail). One of the things to like about Marc, besides his impressive height and general friendly demeanor, is that he's so damn articulate.

I'd like to be more articulate. One way to do that is to write more. Also, I'd like to blog more, which seems a good way to write more. But since I'm not sure what to blog about, I'm going to take a page from one of my other entrepreneurial heroes and put the work on you.

Ask me a question. Any question—what do you think of my web site?; how do you like my hair?; what time is it? Post it as a comment to this post. I'll answer the ones I feel like answering (as new posts).

This will be embarrassing if no one wants to ask me anything. But let's see how it goes.

Update (11/2/07): I'm shutting comments/questions off for now because I have enough for a while, and I haven't even read them all yet. Will post again when I need more/new ones. Thanks!