On-demand QA

Here's an idea I've been thinking for a while that someone should do: On-demand QA. The idea is, instead of having to hire in-house testers or do minimal testing and wait for your users to find the rest of the bugs, go to a web site, fill out a form, and have a bunch of people test your app—or the new release on your password-protected staging server—and professionally report bugs.

The business, of course, trains people offshore to do the testing and proficts from the efficient use of labor, while allowing companies to get real, faster testing, cheaper than in-house.

In searching to see if this exists, I came upon Gomze RealityCheck FX, which uses Selenium, instead of real people, so it doesn't serve quite the same purpose. (Setting up the Selenium scripts is a big task in itself, I expect.) Also, there seems to be a bug on their site: To find out more about this, and other products they offer (the load-testing service looks interesting), they say to "visit http://www.realityqa.com," which just takes you back to the Gomez homepage.