How did I miss this?

This sounds familiar.

This is test.



Holding our email hostage.

Sprint: delivery delayed.

Email from

Attention web people:

Pivot point.

Status update:

Today on Mighty Girl:

Obligatory no-posting post.

High Tech High.

I get kissed by webstars —

That's why I pay him.

Also at Shift:


Happy Monday!

Top o' the Erin go kiss me. And so on.

Miss WebVan?

A note about time.

Familiar U.S. cities I'd think I would have visited by now but haven't really:

Al Folder Browser.

Remember them?

To check out:

What I meant was...

I want that too.

Advertising, under extreme delusions.

Yummy thought food hot off the press.


Kiss me, I'm...

An honest spammer?

To check out:

Blog API.

Sounds about right.


That's odd.


Foot?—mmm, yummy.

Shit, it's getting late.

Thank god for 24-hour Happy Donuts.


Boingo Boingo?

You get enough depressing news that I don't need to point to more, but I am anyway because this is too bizarre department:

Listening to:


This is why people go to Amazon.


Kickin' design.

Omm, that's better.

When is a massage just a massage?

Achitecture time.

"Self assemble." (I like that one, too.)

Words that turn me on and probably shouldn't (among others):

My future is calling, and I'm falling behind.

Groovy man.

Spam from NetFlix?


Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.

Lots of sangria.

If you can't ignore 'em, prepare for 'em.