The upside to the downslide

You have 5 seconds before you are run over...4, 3, 2...


Open Source Reality Check

All-new Davenetics

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ServiceEngine: Fully Interactive Sales & Customer Service Software


That'll show 'em!

Who you really are is what you can't redefine.

IE6 Privacy

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Beside Defying Media Too Fast

isometric screenshots



The Shoes in Spain ...

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Protected from itself

Random doodlings become corporate logo?

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There's no free lunch on the Internet

When I Am King

Evan is wrong

The Myth of 800x600

instant loser

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Buzz Phrases Bad for Business, Mission-Critical Study Finds


Freshmeat: PayPal Sender

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Take back the Net? Arts & Entertainment | Pay for play cuts U.S. staff, adds fees - Tech News -

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Hips and Waists and Science and Sex

Left-Handedness in Homosexuals Studied What the Hell is Blogger?

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Today I am...


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Lacking intelligence

And Another

Too Much Paper, Part XIII

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We're Watching

Scope this out.

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O'Reilly Software Goes Away -- Let's Get Rid of Electronic Mail, Once and for All

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Bit Preservation

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You Never Visit Your Mother's Web Site

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E-Quillity for All

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No Soccer, Just Computer

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