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Beam me up, Bastard!

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Pic of the Day: Square Dance Party (For Young Folks)


Pic of the Day: What's in Here?

Pic of the Day: Gloves, Incense, Doughnuts...

On Cooking

Ben Franklin on Patents

iSyndicate Express

gettin' antsy - Entrepreneur in residence- From the November 13, 2000 issue

People Who Matter

Peterme on Evite

The Blog*Spot Soap Opera - Technology Content Aggregator, Syndicator and Realtime Directory

Instant Folders

Pic of the Day: Painting

Microsoft Sees New Software Based on Pens

stating the obvious

Ev in the Bathroom

Pic of the Day: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Bush Or Gore: 'A New Era Dawns'

NetObjects Collage - Featured Article

Pic of the Day: Blue Sky


Mt. Bailey 2001

Back on song

Ohaha, Nebraska